about dreams

" He who can bring forth undying offspring through letters, let him be guided on this path by our writings. Let him entrust himself to time with good hope. He is a good guardian when he receives something into his custody by the will of God." "Synesios of Cyrenaica, On Dreams/In Somnis

This project was created as a platform for articles by various authors about dreams, dreaming, the unconscious and other phenomena related to the perception of reality and the human soul. The main idea and message of the project is that our dreams are a way to communicate with the unconscious - the divine being within us, through which we can not only learn something about ourselves, but also heal.

Towards the end of the fourth century A.D., the Neo-Platonist Synesios of Cyrenaica wrote in one night the book "On Dreams", where he mentions a divine intelligence, an image-forming entity. I think it's the same phenomenon we call the inner self, the unconscious, nature, god. That's also why I named this platform "about dreams", in memory of the philosopher and dreamer Synesius.